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How to register Epic Cam with Inxense App?

Coming Soon.

What permissions should I enable for the app?

Following permissions are mandatory for the smooth functioning of the app. If you don't enable these permissions, the app may deny you access to the data.

  • Location
  • Microphone
  • Phone
  • Storage

What do the LED indications mean?

Coming soon.


How to update WiFi password?

Coming Soon

I have changed my WiFi router.  How to update WiFi settings of my existing Epic Cams?

Coming Soon

How far from WiFi router can I place Epic Cam?

While Epic Cam has a very powerful and sensitive WiFi Antenna, a lot will depend upon how good the WiFi router is. With most modern routers you can easily place the camera within a range of 20-25 meters without compromising signal quality. WiFi reception with respect to the distance depends upon so many factors. In our internal testing, using a good router we have found that Epic Cam can easily pick up WiFi signal from as far as 35 meters. Note that it's better to have Dual antenna routers. 

Can I use Epic cam with the WiFi dongle from Jio , Airtel or similar?

Absolutely. A WiFi dongle works just like a normal WiFi router. Just note that because WiFi dongles are battery powered, you will have to place the camera and the dongle as close as possible. This is due to the fact that WiFi dongles have limited range when it comes to distance /coverage.


How to install Epic Cam on my outdoor wall or ceiling?

Once you have registered the camera with the Inxense app, you can proceed with the physical installation. Below video will explain the installation procedures in simple steps. Ask your electrician for help if you need.

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